Update time!

I found some pictures that I had drawn some years ago – some around 20 years ago. I thought I would hang on to them and maybe make something of them later.

My eldest daughter bought me a set of water-colour paints a couple of Christmases ago and I decided to bring them out, relax and paint! Here are my Christmas efforts.. I will post others that I have done.





I know that they are not the best compared to other watercolourists out there but am very pleased with the final result.

Will continue to practice.

Oh my!!

It seems that WordPress has changed since the last time I made a post! Quelle horreur!!

I think it is time for me to download some pictures of things that I have created over the past few weeks/months. Give me a little time and I will and hopefully please you.. You could be surprised.   🙂



Time to catch up!

I haven’t posted a thing for too long! Now I need to renegociate the site as it seems to have changed..  But, here are a couple of other crochet items. One is the little green ‘ami’ dragon by Stephanie Lau and the other is a small doll I created for the daughter of a friend, she is a ‘hash’ of more than one pattern.  Also are some ‘Bleuets’ I made for our local Combined Services Support Group (CSSG) for the Remembrance  Parade last year. The Bleuets are worn by the French in remembrance of their fallen, as the English wear the Poppy.


Bleuets (Cornflowers)



Little Green Dragon


Little Pixie Doll

More Amigurumi

I found this little chap in the Simply Crochet magazine, it is designed by Kate Hancock.

Again it is the Amigurumi method which I am becoming more comfortable with.

I think he is absolutely gorgeous.



2014-07-17 11.14.53 2014-07-17 11.12.43

I drew these pictures during 1987, they are from the book ‘Among the Elephants’ by Iain Douglas Hamilton.  I just loved the subject which is why I decided to reproduce them.

Currently the drawings are in the care of one of my daughters, the one that just loves elephants.

I thought I would share with you.